Lonely in germany...

So now im back in germany again i guess...and once again after coming back from america i have to see how much less people here care about me. Its kinda sad that ive lived here my whole life but looking back the best friends i ever had are the ones in america. I havent seen them for two years and i came back, they made me feel like ive never even been gone. I remember coming back from there, i was only gone for one year but my friends had changed so much...it felt like i had nothing in common with them anymore and we had nothing to talk about. Ah i cant believe how much fun i had in such a boring town like albany but i guess those people make anything fun. I hope we will be friends forever cause there is no way i can live without them!

Other than that...matt is all cute again..i dont really know what changed him but i like it alot. Maybe he noticed that he missed me when i was gone for 3 weeks. He just means so much to me.

 xoxo gossip girl alias cinderella insane haha

24.8.09 08:04


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